Uptime Outreach
Uptime Outreach



What we do...


The Mission.

Uptime Outreach exists to reach up to God and reach out to others.



The Method

We believe the most strategic place to reach out is the college campus*. Here are some key reasons:

  1. The future leaders are on our university campuses.

  2. Global movements and values, good or bad, start on the campus.

  3. Most people become Christians as students before the age of 25.

  4. International students bring the world to us in our own cities and then can go back to impact their own nation.

  5. The most available and trainable groups of people are on our campuses.

  6. When we reach a student, we reach a family.

  7. God promised to pour out his Spirit on sons and daughters. (Acts 2:17)

  • We also have the privilege to speak into many high school and junior high students but we focus on the college campuses.


How We Do it?

We believe in new ideas but have found great success through one-on-one and small group evangelism discipleship, weekly campus meetings, and yearly conferences. Our approach is super simply and easy:

  • Begin friendships with students

  • Ask God for wisdom

  • Listen to the Holy Spirit

  • Lead to Jesus Christ

We also plan to implement new ways to reach out through written material, social media, podcasts, and videos.





Where We Reach Out?

Our focus is on students and families around the world.  Currently our primary location is Nashville, TN which is one of the fastest growing cities in the USA, highly diverse and filled with over 65,000 college students. Also, we have reached out to people all over the USA, Brazil, Iceland, Poland, Peru, Mexico, Afghanistan, Botswana, Albania, and Portugal.  Also, thanks to the internet, our encouragement is received all over the world!  


Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

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Braeden CAREI

Braden is a pole vaulter from Belmont University who was reached as a student.  He has continued to build his faith while also winning the OVC championship at the same time.    


Dave & Tish OSEGUERA

Dave was reached as a college student at UCLA.  He now continues to build his faith with his precious wife Tish, his two boys, and as a LA county firefighter for 20 years.


SPENCEr & Ashli Richardson

Spencer was reached as a basketball coach and has continued to build his faith with his dynamic wife Ashli and their four children.  Spencer continues to train athletes from beginners to NBA players.




Dave graduated from the University of Southern California where he was a member of the NCAA Championship Volleyball Team and heard the gospel for the first time his junior year. Since graduating in 1994, he felt "called" to reach out to others around the world. For 25 years, he has served as a mentor and certified “life-coach” to men around the world encouraging them to find their identity through Christ, focusing primarily on one-on-one meetings.

Mandy grew up in the "Bible Belt" in Franklin, TN but her faith did not truly grow until she heard the gospel on the college campus.  That summer, she felt a strong call to become a nurse while on a mission trip in Albania.  Then, she graduated from the Belmont University Nursing program and traveled around the world to many "unreached people groups," such as Afghanistan and Botswana.

They have been married for 17 years and live in Nashville, TN with their four children, two boys (ages 16 and 11) and two girls (ages 14 and 13).


Our Board of Directors:

  • Dave and Mandy DeRocher: Co-Founders

  • Wesley Lankford

  • Josh Cherry

  • Dave Deloach

  • Dr Jide and Lola Bamigboye

  • Claire Nugent

Our Officers:

  • Dave DeRocher: President

  • Mandy DeRocher: Vice President

  • Sandy Cherry: Secretary

Our Financials

  • *Gregg Grandy, Grandy’s Tax and Accounting (An Independent CPA Firm)